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I have many passions, from reading to driving around on our Yamaha Rhino, but the one that sticks out to me the most is how much I absolutely love to write. Why, you may ask, do I actually like to write? Well, I plan on being an author one day, and I think someone can change the world with their words and beliefs. Reading something on the Internet, if it’s correct and decently wrote, has the power to make you want to believe what the author believes, even if you’ve never given thought to the subject before. Writing is just an easy way to get your point across and hope it entertains people. If you’re interested to improve your writing skills, visit A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

2 thoughts on “Passion & Writing

  1. Hi Amanda, I am Tayla
    That really touched me. That was a beautiful post and was very true. I also am thinking of becoming an author. Please stay on the right track and follow your dreams. I look forward to reading your work.


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